Automate lighting dimmers, locks and keep track of your children and pets

Lower or Raise your Thermostat from a restaurant or Close your garage as you are down the street

Peace of mind knowing that your family and valuable assets are safe

Corporate Enterprise level InterNetwork Protection available to You

Manage and Control lighting scenes, TV, music, video and audio bi-directional communication to visitors

Learn how to save money each month!



Secure, Protect, and Control your Home or Business while you are Away

Sniper Watch Network & Security Automation Experts will work with you to design and implement an effective and comprehensive home security solution to fit your personal needs.  We will deliver the latest technologies available that will make your life easier on a day to day basis.

Tomorrow's Technology brought to You in your Home



control & monitor your home or Business from anywhere

 save money


Directly save money each month by creating an Energy Efficient home

cutting edge technology brought directly to you

Imagine controlling critical aspects of your life from your fingertips

Deter potential attacks and threats where burglars will move on to another home

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Cybersecure your Home or Business from Threats and Vulnerabilities