Sniper Watch redefines network security and gives you complete protection against hackers, cyberstalkers, and online predators for your home or business.

Multi-Vector Protection

Introducing Sniper Watch MVP, the latest cutting edge breakthrough in Advanced Network & Security Services

Sniper Watch is a Cloud Based Cybersecurity Service Provider that delivers the latest cutting edge Network & Security services, techniques, and countermeasures to keep you and your network devices safeguarded from emerging threats on any device, anywhere in the world.


Committed to keeping you secure from every angle life takes you.

The attack vector is rapidly growing.  Hackers are working while you are sleeping.  From coffee shops to basement apartments, they are among us, developing stronger, more cunning tactics. Hacking, exfiltrating personal and corporate sensitive data, and mass virtual destruction will not stop.  Selling your personal data is worth billions on the dark web.

Sniper Watch Managed Network Security was designed from the ground up with a focus on Security and Defensive Countermeasures.  There is no silver bullet that will stop it all.  Adding more difficult, intelligent, randomized, and automated locks to your door makes attacks harder or impossible to penetrate.  Doing the small things right, allows us to do the large, global-scale things right, ultimately frustrating hackers in which they move on to something more attainable.


How Does it Work?

Sniper Watch is the only proactive, cloud analytics-based artificial intelligence service that detects and remediates cyberattacks while protecting your identity, online digital transactions, and all of your device endpoints in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Correlate events from every angle with malicious behavior traffic-pattern events perceived to be an indication of compromise. Rapidly uncover and prioritize coordinated and targeted attacks before they materialize.


Peace of mind knowing that all of your devices are protected from the latest emerging cyber threats and tricks designed and targeted to get access to your private information and destruct your operations, while providing advanced network connectivity for you to optimally conduct your day to day business.

Welcome to..

The Next Big Thing

Cybersecurity Defense


Protection From Every Angle

Sniper Watch offers complete coverage by delivering endpoint, perimeter, and cloud security protection complemented with advanced behavioral analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence that provides you the needed umbrella of security countermeasures to defend against today's pervasive advanced threat spectrum.


  • Predictive Prevention
  • Global Cloud Protection
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Malware Detection & Remediation
  • Compliance Enforcement
  • Automated Reporting
  • Remote Management & Monitoring 24 x 7 x 365

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"I am blown away at the technology Sniper Watch offers and how easy it was to set up. I have two young children at home. I feel like this has given me certainty in an uncertain world."

Julie Davis

Los Angeles, California

"Our internal corporate network was infected with Malware. Sniper Watch provided Incident Response services to control and remediate the outbreak. Since then, we've been educated on what is needed and have implemented the necessary security measures. Thank you for saving us much time and money."

John Everett

New York, New York

"We are a medium size Digital Marketing firm in Chicago. Sniper Watch was able to provide us with their cloud Security solution to offload critical services due to our limited IT Staff."

Thomas Fletcher

Chicago, Illinois

The FBI has reported that since 2016, more than 4000 Ransomware incidents per day have occurred.

300% increase from 2015 and expected to rise.

Hackers use automated tools to seek out vulnerabilities. Studies show that Internet connected devices are hit over 2200 times per day.

At the end of 2016, Spear Phishing attacks have grown to 97.25%

The phishing attack vector involves email links encouraging users to click a link or advertisement.

Users interested in ads and promotions are drawn in to click online advertisments, in what is now known as Malvertising.

One in three people have been hacked in the past year.

Victims of cybercrime almost always paid hackers to recover their data.

In 23 percent of the cases, people spent between $1,000 and $5,000 per incident, while 56 percent spent less than $500.

78% of people claim that they are aware of the risks of unknown links in emails and advertisements, yet they click anyway.